Holiday Homes for SKF Hofors Workers' Association
Engeltofta was hardly in use until 1944 when Zedréns estate sold the property to SKF Hofors working association with the following restriction: "The buyer guarantees that the property is not used for professional operations, neither hotel nor restaurant business. Penalty: 100 000 SEK to be paid to the family Zedrén. "
In 1938, two weeks of holiday was introduced in Sweden. All of a sudden, the summer holidays became something that everyone could enjoy. Many companies invested in holiday accommodation for their employees. With some modifications, Engeltofta would be perfect for the purpose.
The owners initiated a renovation, built an annexe and opened Engeltofta for workers and their families with a great celebration on Midsummer's Eve 1945. The greenhouses and the gardens that had been extended in the 1940swere closed down in the 1950s. The greenhouses were moved to Hofors and the baths were closed.
Engeltofta was open from June to September until 1980, when SKF concentrated their vacation homes to Brattön in Bohuslän.