ERIK KRONBERG (1870–1930)
– heritage prince

Eric Kronberg was born in Gävle, where he also died. After studying at higher public school in Gävle, he worked in Germany and England. Before his father's death, Erik along with cleark Jean Melinder became partners in BG Kronbergs cereal business & malt factory. They extended the premises in 1898 and expanded the production with lager and pilsner malt. A further extension was carried out in 1906. When BG Kronberg died in 1901, Erik ran the business until 1915, when he formed AB B G Kronbergs Malt Factory along with brewery owners from Gavle and other cities.
After 1922, Erik phased out the trading operations and sold the malt factory. Thereafter, he started other activities, such as wholesale of coffee and cotton, as well as activities in the insurance and automotive sector, such as resale of automobile General Reo, Fiat and Overland. In many companies, primarily in the shipbuilding and shipping industry, but also Gefle Porcelain Bruk AB, Erik cooperated with his childhood friend, the shipowner Erik Brodin.
When Grand Hotel was founded in 1901, Eric Kronberg was one of the largest private shareholders. He was director of the board and auditor at several major companies such as Sandvikens Jernverk AB, Gävle Varvs and Verkstads Nya AB, Gävle Valskvarn AB, Lysoljeimport AB in Gävle, Pix AB, along with assignments as city auditor, member of the city council and trade and maritime board.
Erik got married with Maria Johanna (Ninni) Berggren in 1896 and after their divorce in 1925; he married Greta Lindh, born Bergius. She was a widow after her marriage with officer Hjalmar Lindh and had two sons, Bertil and Ove Lindh.
When Erik took over Engeltofta, he performed a comprehensive extension and refurbishment there and at Riksdrotsen in Gävle. He also owned Katrineborg at Norrlandet and Persbackagård in Hille during a period of time, as well as three warehouses at the wharf. Kronberg gradually divested his properties.
Through his involvement in several companies that suffered heavy losses during the First World War and the years thereafter, Erik ended up insolvent, but could avoid a personal bankruptcy. Kronberg left 168,600 SEK (SEK 4 million) at his death, according to the probate.
Eric Kronberg was also a committed sailor and a successful racing sailor who owned sveral boats over the years. He also had board appointments at the Gävle Yacht Club. 

The sailboats Runa and Gandria
The sailboat Gandria, 1918 by Gävle's biggest sailboats ever, with sail area 260 sqm.