The third known landowner was merchant Carl Gustaf Örn, who bought Engeltofta in 1824. He was born in 1776 in Gävle as one of seven children of the shirt- and sock factory owner Carl Johan Örn and his wife, skipper's daughter Christina Axmar.
Carl Johan Örn died in 1781 when he was only 48 years old and the “business” was taken over by his widow Christina, who continued to run the trading in cooperation with other partners for another 30 years. She was a well-known ship owner in Gävle and formed the company Christina Axmar & Son together with her son, Carl Gustaf. The company later turned into Gustaf Örn & Co. The trade included cereals, brewer's grains, herring, tar, Falu red paint, coffee, port wine, bar iron and wool. Carl Gustaf was also a ship owner and owned at least six vessels, according to the documentation.
In 1814, Carl Gustaf married Carin, daughter of the borough council in Falun, JD Lindh. They took over Christina Axmar’s residence in the corner of Östra Drottninggatan 11 and Köpmangatan. Here they lived among Gävle's wealthy merchants, who usually owned one or more yards in the central parts of Gävle, mainly at Drottninggatan and Norra, as well as Södra Strandgatan.
The houses represented a complex of residential, office, stalls, stables, barns and housing for office staff and servants. In addition, there were often warehouses and boathouses at Stora Holmen. Merchant Örn was a man of the time. Besides the residential property also Testebovreten 161 (Engeltofta), he also owned four country huts at Stora Holmen, utvretar, a herb garden and an ice cellar. When he died, the estate inventory showed a balance of 134 950 SEK (approximately 8 million SEK in today’s value).
After his death in 1843, Bengt Gustafsson Kronberg, a former employee, managed the trading house. Already in 1845 he established a private trading company under the name of BG Kronberg with expanded content. He later married Mrs. Örn's niece, Augusta Lindh and became thereby owner of parts of the Örn's estate.