Merchant Bengt Gustaf Kronberg (1819–1901) – brewing industry supporter
Bengt Gustafsson Kronberg owned Engeltofta from 1871. He was born in Ljusnarsberg in Örebro County as son of the miner Eric Kronberg and his wife Stina Ulrika (Ulla) Törnblom. The couple had seven daughters and six sons. At age 18, Bengt Gustafsson started his career as shop assistant at the trader CE Montan in Falun. After three years, Kronberg moved to Gävle and Örn’s trading house, which he took over in 1845.
Kronberg concentrated in a few industries and made significant investments in primarily malting. The brewing industry in Gävle was very comprehensive in the second half of the 1800s and the need for malt was therefore great. Malt manufacturing was carried out by several malt houses, of which Kronbergs was the largest. At the end of 1890, his production amounted to 650,000 kg malt annually. His malt house was situated at Stora Holmen at forst and later moved to the factory at Ruddammsgatan.
In addition to his trading firm and malt factory, Kronberg held several board appointments, with Gavle Manufaktur AB, Korsnäs Sawmill AB and Gefle Valskvarn AB as some examples. He was also a member of the City Council and the poverty relief board.
Kronberg owned the residence Riksdrotsen number 1, which was purchased in 1872 and Engeltofta that he bought in 1882, but also owned several other properties, such as three warehouses at Alderholmen, the widow house at Valbogatan, Children's Hospital at Karlavägen, the summer house Katrineborg and a number of fields.
In 1869, only ten days after the great fire disaster in Gävle, BG Kronberg married Augusta Lindh in Falun. The year after, their son Erik was born.
Bengt Gustafsson Kronberg died in 1901. His wealth increased steadily over the years and amounted to 2.6 million SEK according to the probate (current value about 114 million SEK).
In 195, a ship that transported timber between Sweden and England was named after BG Kronberg. The owner was Erik Brodin AB in Gävle.