– the miner’s daughter
Augusta Lindh was born in Falun, as the only child of the wealthy grain merchant, alderman and Knight of the Royal Vasa Order, Daniel Gustaf Lindh and his wife Sarah Andrietta Ernström. The couple lived in a county residence at Slaggatan in Falun with "two porches, a kitchen with hand-chamber, nine rooms and three air chambers." The couple owned additional properties in the same neighbourhood, named Bergsrådmannen after DG Lindh. Additionally, the Lindh family owned the vast property Karlberg, where they ran the farm and where the family had their summer residence. Daniel Gustaf Lindh, left 532 983 SEK (currently about 25 million SEK), which was inherited by his daughter Augusta.
After her marriage with merchant Bengt Gustafsson Kronberg Augusta moved to Gävle in November 1869. This was in the midst of the turmoil that prevailed after the great fire, where the couple lost their newly furnished home at Drottninggatan. The couple established a temporary residence in Mrs. Carin Örn’s property at Södermalmstorg. Augusta was accustomed to live in large areas, but didn’t have to feel trapped and idle for long. The couple bought and rebuilt the parade property Riksdrotsen 1 at Norra Strandgatan in 1872 and Engeltofta 10 years later. Augusta also had a stab of personnel to assist her.
Augusta and BG Kronberg founded a children's hospital in Gävle and retirement homes in both Gävle and Falun and also donated large sums to charity in both cities.
After Mrs. Augusta Kronberg's death in 1905, her son Eric Kronberg and his wife Ninni (maiden name Berggren) took over both the properties.