Learn more about the history in the surroundings of Engeltofta to get a wider perspective on the wealthy merchant's town in the 1800’s and 1900’s.
Owners of Engeltofta throughout the years:
  • 1824 Merchant couple Carl Gustaf and Carin Örn
  • 1871 Merchant couple Bengt Gustaf and Augusta Kronberg
  • 1882 Engeltofta is constructed according to a drawing by E A Hedin
  • 1901 Erik and Ninni Kronberg (later Greta Kronberg in a second marriage)
  • 1924 Hilma Johansson Hammarin
  • 1933 Leased by Oscar och Anna Zedren, who became owners in 1936
  • 1945 Holiday homes for SKF Hofors workers’ association
  • 1980 Sigvard Lindfors
  • 1980 Gävle municipality
  • 2007 Present owner, Engeltofta AB