Laughter is a shortcut to people's hearts.

It’s just like music. If you can entertain them, you have already opened a door into their heart. Have you ever thought that you had the best speech at the wedding and then when you stand there and talk, nobody is laughing?
Relax; it's not about you. If you don’t manage to get people to laugh, you’ve just not cracked the code of humour yet.
GASTA reveals the most important humour tricks that you need to be able to directly reach an audience. And once you've charmed them, nothing can go wrong.
GASTA COMEDY has spread stand-up in southern Norrland since 2007, through trainings, tours and events. The Comedy Club at Å-krogen is probably mostly known. Every Wednesday, Å-krogen organizes performances with the best comedians. Babben, Järvheden, Özz Nûjen, Måns Möller, Adde Malmberg – they have all been there. At Lund humor festival GASTA was awarded being one of the top three clubs in the country.
Hans Carstensen is awarded both as a comedian and dramatist. He started GASTA Comedy in 2007 and regularly leads courses in stand-up comedy.