In collaboration with GASTA stand-up comedy.

Stefan Soderblom: Has worked with graphic design and education in the advertising business since 1988 and has educated beginners in stand-up comedy since 2010. Chairman of GASTA comedy and has performed as a comedian in large parts of Sweden since 2008, made his first show at Norra Brunn in January 2014.
Hans Carstensen: Awarded both as a comedian and dramatist, three novels published by Norstedts, and Bonnier. Hans started GASTA Comedy in 2007 as well as Sweden's first one-year stand-up training in 2008. He works as writing coach, writer and comedian.
1. Communicate by using humour (90 minute workshop)
Catch your listeners directly and find the shortcuts to people's hearts by using the most powerful key: humour. If you want to have fun together with your colleagues - then this is for you. During the fun and creative 90 minutes, we see how the group’s ability to present orally will change and how each presenter will be more skilled. Humour is so much more than fun stories. It’s a skill and also a kind of musicality that can be developed by learning the techniques.

Groups of 10-50 people: 4.000 SEK.
2. Stand-up comedy for dinner
Can you think of anything more pleasant than to sit deep into an armchair during an aperitif and listen to a professional stand-up comedy show? You have been working hard during the day, bur right before dinner, you are welcome to relax and enjoy the show. Some of the areas that you’ve worked with during the day might be reflected on stage in a humorous way. You will definitely have something to talk about over dinner.

Price: 4.000 kr.
3. Biathlon with indoor laser, from 10 meters. Team competition.

Groups of 6-12 people. Price: 3,000 SEK
Groups of 13-24 persons: 5,000 SEK
GASTA Stand-up comedy activities as above, only at Engeltofta