You will find conference rooms for any meeting at Engeltofta. Our conference rooms range from 16 to 90 sqm. Wireless Internet is included and the rooms can be set according to your needs: classroom or theatre seating or maybe a boardroom table?
Our conference rooms have names after people and companies who have lived at Engeltofta. In the larger rooms, you will find paintings that tell the story about people that have had an impact on Engeltofta throughout the history. Here, you can read about Ninni Kronberg who invented dry milk among many others. Learn more about our exciting history »

We also have a number of different and creative premises such as the tower room and beach pavilion close by. You can also book a Sea Lodge apartment for your meeting. Read more>

Welcome to us with your conference!

Contact us for questions or order at: or +46 26-996 60
Merchant Kronberg's Saloon

SQM: 90 m2
Theatre: 100 pers
School: 50 pers
Boardroom: 26 pers
U-table: 26 pers
Erik's Sailing room

SQM: 60 m2
Theatre: 50 pers
School: 40 pers
Boardroom: 18 pers
U-table: 18 pers
SKF Room

SQM: 55 m2
Konferensrum med loungegrupper
Ninni's Lab

SQM: 56 m2
Theatre: 50 pers
School: 40 pers
Boardroom: 16 pers
U-table: 20 pers
Hedin's Lounge

SQM: 55 m2
Theatre: 40 pers
School: 30 pers
Boardroom: 18 pers
U-table: 25 pers
Merchant Örn's room

SQM: 25 m2
Boardroom: 8 pers
Augusta's Chamber

SQM: 16 m2
Boardroom: 6