Inner bay

Limön is one of the largest islands of the inner bay and is trafficked by the steam ship M/S Drottning Silvia. Here, you can swim in the sea, visit the old lighthouse or the Limö café for a good cup of coffee. Another island well worth a visit is Granskär, where the sailing club SK surfing is situated. Here, you will find perths with piers and buoys in a protected harbour. Visit Granskär in the beautiful sunset and enjoy a barbeque in charming Granskär.
Outer bay
In the outer bay, the Baltic Sea is wide open. Just a few islands are placed between the coast and Finland. These islands are however worth a visit. Lövgrund with its beautiful fishing chapel from 1831 and its fishing stores is one example, and Eggegrund’s nature reserve is another. Eggegrund lighthouse is a nature reserves  och represent the most easterly outpost in the Gävle bay. Eggegrund also has a rich bird life and an exciting lighthouse. Norrskär with its lovely rocks is a perfect attraction if you come by boat. Guided tours are organized for groups up to 12 people.
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