Bönan is an old fishing village, known for its herring, lighthouse, fish chapel, café, and pilot station. Bönan was created in the beginning of 1800 when the fishers moved out to the archipelago. During the first part of the 1900s, wealthy merchant families bought the fishermen’s houses and rebuilt them into summerhouses with magnificent glass verandas facing the sea. As Bönan developed into a summer village, hotels, a bathhouse, dance floor, school, post office and a shop was built and the steamboats Bönan I and II transported guests from central Gävle.
Böna pier
The fishing has decreased since the 1950s, but there is still fresh fish and herring available in the fishing shops. In the Bönan bay you will find a vast family beach and close by are the Böna tennis court, Böna café and the marine design store Carl & Olivia.
We recommend exploring the coastline by bike. The ride from Engeltofta to Bönan takes about 30 minutes and the road is paved.
Engesberg, Utvalnäs and Harkskär
In Engesberg you can visit Engesbergs Herrgård, the fishing harbour, bath and camp. Gefle Sailing, GSS, has his clubhouse and boat pier in the Engelsberg bay, Huseliiharen.
Utvalnäs and Harkskär are old fishing villages further out along the coast. Here, you can find fishing store and the restaurant Wahlströms, along with nature paths, sports arena and kayak rent etc.