The Böna coast is mostly known for its fish, especially the herring – the sea silver. The fishermen in Bönan and Utvalnäs are renowned for their special way of smoking the herring on fir branches into smoked Baltic herring. Other popular fish are whitefish, salmon, walleye, perch and pike.
The gulls’ screams and their gliding along the beaches is probably the most wellknown signum. There are plenty of animals in the forest, such as deer, fox and rabbits, but also moose and bear.
There are a lot of seal and sea eagle in the outer bay. The fauna can be described as barren and the pine forest stretches on gravel and moss. Magic forests with idyllic small lakes are popular to visit.
On Limön, you can enjoy a very rich meadow flora with rarities like night and day, carline thistle, almond blossom and sanddraba. One of the most common plants is buckthorn – common from the north Upplandic coast all the way to Norrbotten. August Strindberg describes buckthorn as a miniature olive grove after a visit at Römaren in the Gävle archipelago. 
Turnstone and Black Guillemot
If you are looking for a quiet and relaxing time, a walk along the forest paths on the Böna coast is recommended. Nature paths and bike paths lead you to exciting places. There is always somebody in the front desk that can help you out with maps and ideas.