• Lighthouses
  • Fishing chapel
  • Merchant’s homes
  • Smoke houses and fishing sheds
  • Fortifications - Gråberget and Marskärsudden
The landmark Böna fyr from the 1840s is one of the most famous attrations along the coast. Today the lighthouse is a museum where you can join a guided tour. Limö Lighthouse from 1902 and Eggegrund’s Lighthouse from 1933 on the islands are also well worth a visit.
Bönan is one of Gävle’s most popular destinations. In the early 1900's there were public baths, hotels, dance hall, post office and store here. Bönan then operated by by the steamboats Bönan I and II. Today, it's Böna Lighthouse and Böna cafe that attracts visitors.
The old fish chapels in Bönan and Lövgrund, erected by the fishermen in the mid-1800s are also popular hiking destinations. Music nights are arranged in Böna chapel in the summer.
The charming merchant villas with its wooden details, magnificent glass porches, turrets and towers are characteristic. There are plenty of these large houses along the coast, which is best seen by boat.
The smokehouses in Bönan and Utvalnäs sell fresh and smoked fish. Gråberget, between Bönan and Utvalnäs is an old fortification. On the mountain, you have a magnificent view of the outer bay.
Marskärsudden in Utvalnäs constitutes an easily accessible destination with beaches that are both undisturbed and inviting for outdoor recreation. Here you will find a defense facility, and a nice barbecue area with shelter.
Welcome to explore the Böna coast!