We strive to continually reduce our environmental impact. We raise awareness of environmental issues among all employees and encourage them to take our environment into account as a natural part of their daily work. We comply with applicable environmental laws and regulations and continuously follow the development.
Action plan
  • We only use eco-labeled detergent.
  • We are actively working to reduce our electricity and water consumption.
  • We do not use disposable packaging on our breakfast buffet.
  • We buy as much locally produced products as possible.
  • We employ local entrepreneurs.
  • We waste sort in a minimum of five fractions.
  • We are switching to energy saving light bulbs where possible.
  • We coordinate deliveries to reduce transportation.
  • We use sensor lighting in all public toilets.
  • We only have low-flush toilets.
  • We take environmental aspects into consideration when purchasing prior to renovation and new constructions.
  • We replace all bottled water with our own filtered tap water.