The Engeltofta Residence is located on the north shore of the Gävle bay. Here, we offer conference, hotel, restaurant and café in the magnificent merchant’s residence and it’s surroundings, only 1.5 hours from Stockholm.

The archipelago offers a vast variety of fishing activities, boat tours and water sports. The nearby golf course, nature trails and fishing villages, make Engeltofta a complete residence with an extraordinary story.

Welcome to our conference facilities, café, restaurant and hotel with a beautiful view over the sea and close to the Bönan coast – everything conveniently situated in the surroundings of the impressive merchant villa from 1882. 

Welcome to Engeltofta!
Engeltofta AB
Engeltofta AB operates through three business areas: Restaurant, Conference and Hotels & housing association Sea Lodge. Our new business Sea Lodge helps us develop into a first class conference and resort facility that meets the requirements of our target groups in industry, tourism and holiday accommodation.
Engeltofta develops in all aspects into a unique marine concept that shapes the site to meet future demand for holiday accommodation, conference and experiences – everything with a marine focus. Engeltofta’s central location in Sweden and proximity to the major airport Stockholm-Arlanda give us great opportunities to develop Engeltofta into one of the leading conference centres and attractions on the east coast.
Business areas
Restaurant and event
Hotel and the housing association Sea Lodge 
Business idea
We offer accommodation, conference and restaurant with high quality, which gives our guests a warm and welcoming experience with the merchants’ era and the sea as sources of inspiration.
Being the region's natural attraction and the most inspiring meeting place for business. The residence and its seaside location make Engeltofta a complete experience for accommodation, activities and conference. A unique place where history meets present and the future.
Our core values: Open and welcoming
Engeltofta is an important heritage, which means we have a great responsibility and great respect for the house and surroundings. We continuously and carefully add new insights, technology and knowledge to allow Engeltofta to be up modern and adapted to the present. The history is however always present.
We place great emphasis on service, care and a welcoming atmosphere to meet and exceed your expectations. It should always be a pleasure to visit Engeltofta and you should always leave with a feeling that the quality and overall experience was out of the ordinary. That’s vital for us. 
We develop Engeltofta and communicate with our minds in focus - taste, smell, touch, sight and hearing - to continuously strengthen the attractiveness. We are creative and visionary and get much inspiration from the sea and the harmonic marine environment.
We want to be a role model in environmental work by adapting our work so that we meet future demands for climate-smart solutions. We have high environmental standards for all of our suppliers and for ourselves. We take sustainability issues into account throughout our operations and in the environment in which we operate.